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IGM Day Spa's ultimate goal is to have better services, delivered in a clean and customer friendly environment. We recognize that people want a high level of quality at a price that they can afford and that is what we deliver.


IGM Day Spa combines a peaceful and beautiful environment, with a highly trained, friendly staff, to ensure you a memorable and enjoyable spa experience. We offer spa treatments providing the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation, along with the latest developments in massage, skin care, hydrotherapy and other spa services. You will never have to guess if a treatment is safe or worry if your therapist is experienced in all the aspects of the treatment process. We combine luxury with safety and nothing but the best will do for us.

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Graduation Gifts

After the countless all-nighters and several final exams, what your graduate really wants is a little relaxation and rejuvenation. Surprise your graduate with a gift certificate for one of our invigorating spa treatments. It's the perfect gift idea! Our luxurious treatments will help your graduate feel rested and refreshed. Pamper them with the gift of spa and purchase a gift certificate today!

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