massage therapy

swedish massage

light,classic massage that relieves tension and increases circulation.

30 min$60.00
60 min$90.00

5 hrs. Swedish Massages

because we like you to keep coming back !!!

5 hours$425.00

hot stone massage

relaxing massage with heated stones to bring relief to stiff or sore muscles.

75 min$145.00
60 minutes$125.00

Your 11 is Free!!

Buy 10 hrs. of Swedish massage and the # 11 is Free.. Because we like you to save and to come back.

10 hours$920.00

Endermatherapie (Anti-Cellute treatment)

Vibratory Endermatherapie is the unique technique and process that shapes the skin and body. Together with the toning and Sculpting Cream help fight and eliminate cellulite.
Regular Treatment combine with exercise and a good diet help you achieve a more compacted and attractive skin appearance.

90 minutes with Free IGM MASK$150.00
45 minutes$85.00
4 treatments FREE Deep pore Facial$600.00
10 treatment the 11th is Free!!$1500.00

30.min Sweedish Massage

Start relaxing with our 30 min Massage focusing on Neck and Shoulders.

30 minutes$60.00


Japanese technique done on a floor mat using compression points.

60 min$135.00

Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul

This is Ingrid's Special Massage(a little of sweedish ,Reflexiology, a lot of pressure point,AND DEEP TISSUE focussing in those tide areas.) recomended only for those that really enjoy the strong massage.

60 minutes$135.00

Deep tissue

Deep therapy to balance muscle function and and awareness.

60 min$135.00

5 Deep tissue Massages

Series of 5 Deep tissue Massages

5 hours$600.00
Detox Sauna only$25.00
Detox Sauna$30.00
Vichie Shower/ Wet table$35.00

Your 11 Deep tissue Massage is Free!!

The more you Buy the more you save!!

10 hours$1350.00

NMT Massage

(Neuromascular therapy)focused where you need it most.

60 min$135.00

Sport Massage

excellent before sport activities or after a strenuous workout.

60 minutes$99.00


specific pressure points on the feet are massage to release energy and pressure throughtout the body.

30 min$50.00


Energy based, non-touch therapy, used to promote deep relaxation to create a calming, nurturing effect.

60 min$100.00

Lynphatic Drainage:

This treatment improve the flow of Lymph throughout the body. Regular treatment stimulate and improve the elimination of waste products (via the Lymph) and strengthen the immune system.

60 minutes$125.00

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Add Ons

Detox Sauna (15 minutes)$25.00
Detox Sauna (20 minutes)$30.00
Vichie Shower/ Wet table (15 minutes)$35.00
Paraffin treatment on feet$15.00
chocolate mud mask on feet$10.00
callus remove and Buffing of feet$20.00